Commitment to Excellence

360° Total Business Cycle MANAGEMENT

Operational excellence for best-in-class results

We prioritize continuous improvement, surpassing customer expectations, and maintaining high standards. Our 360° Total Business Cycle Management, including Design, Business Intelligence, Marketing, Speed to Market, Retail Management Services, and Sustainability, aims for excellence.

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Achieving excellence in Design and Product Engineering

Our designers fuse aesthetics and functionality. It’s through meticulous attention to detail that our designers bring our visions to life, creating activewear that tells stories, but performs. At the forefront of trend research and innovation, our designs inspire and set new standards.

Analyzing every stitch - starts with an idea, an inspiration, and transforms into the garment.
Product Development:
  • Domestic & International Research
  • Concept Development – identifying trends using WGSN forecasting
  • Design & Merchandising – product assortment plans
  • Create – seasonal product flow
  • Color Management – color consistency
Unique Mannequin Block Specifications:
  • Fine-tuned and developed specific brand and end-use specifications
  • Use industry leading fashion-technology companies to establish custom mannequins with precise fit standards
  • Individualized specifications are geared for specific brand and market segments as well as consumer body types
  • Garment specifications are researched and consumer tested for superior fit, prioritizing comfort and consistency
Trend Research & Market R&D:
  • Collect and explore market data driven insight into consumers current and future preferences.
  • Leverage direct and focused consumer research to build optimal assortments and make important merchandising/planning decisions.
  • Work extensively with factories and mills to identify new technologies in fabric development and garment construction.

Business Analytics

Leading the way with market insight that empowers our customers.

At High Life, our excellence shines in our deep retail relationships, world-class planning teams, and state-of-the-art ERP with SAP. We harness this intelligence to push boundaries within our field, constantly exploring new tools and innovations to enhance our business operations.

Leveraging data to make informed and strategic decisions.
  • Assortment & fulfillment strategy
  • Product information management and PDP development
  • Site merchandising and browse shelf optimization
  • Retail media network 360 development and execution
Merchandise Planning
  • Assortment architecture optimization
  • Pre-season to in-season projection management
  • Go-to market process management
  • In-season performance forecasting and reporting
Allocation + Replenishment
  • Inventory flow & in-stock optimization
  • Localized allocation strategy & performance management
  • Store segmentation analysis by sku
  • Retail partner operational maintenance
Performance Analytics
  • Consumer insight & market analysis
  • Space & sky level productivity
  • Customized ad hoc sales
  • Marketing Campaigns


Building brand awareness by strategically promoting our product.

We have a deep understanding of our target audience and create compelling narratives that resonate with our customers. Our crucial strategies involve meticulous packaging design, impactful store displays, photoshoot management, and advertising that promotes our products, and generates sales.

Marketing and Advertising

We employ crucial strategies to connect with our intended audience, promote our products, and generate sales.

Packaging Design

We meticulously design our product packaging, focusing on elevating visual appeal and marketability

Photo Shoot Management

From initial planning to post-production, we ensure a seamless flow to maintain our exceptional creative assets.

Store Displays

We consider multiple alternatives to craft the most impactful display of our merchandise.

Speed to Market

We accurately match our production cycle to retail and consumer demand.

We prioritize adapting to cutting edge solutions in all areas of the business with rapidly changing technologies and consumer preferences, without sacrificing quality. Our end-to-end sophisticated ERP System allows for strategic decision making.

  • Forerunner in partnering with SAP on end-to-end implementation of the latest Fashion Management Solution (FMS) to seamlessly manage design, production, logistics, sales, and finance.

  • A robust ERP system that manages production, design, logistics, sales, and finance, all integrated seamlessly within SAP

Fulfillment Rate
PerformanceFaster Inventory Return
On-Time Order
ResultsHigher retailer-maintained margins
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West Coast US
Northeast CDA
Northwest CDA
Distribution centers
Square Feet


Enhancing profitability and fostering long-term growth in a competitive market.

We maintain alliances with the most respected manufacturers worldwide allowing us to strategically source each product from the country that yields the highest quality product at the best value for our retail partners and customers.

Global Sourcing
  • 10 Countries

  • 60 Factories

  • 50 Mills

  • 95M+ Garments


Regularly assessing our business’s financial health and identifying opportunities to reduce costs while constantly improving the quality of our customer’s experience.

Quality Assurance
  • Evaluate each factory’s capacity to manufacture to the quality standards required by High Life and partners

  • Train and develop our global QA teams to implement and maintain good manufacturing processes

  • Quality Assurance – provide in-line guidance to assure consistent quality

  • Quality Control – Conduct quantitative audits per AQL standards

  • Test – utilize independent & retailer laboratories for quality and regulatory testing

  • Proactive capacity building and remediation to drive continuous improvement

  • High Life, LLC Supplier Code of Conduct

  • Formalized On-Boarding SOP for all new suppliers

  • Third Party Pre-Assessment and Verification Audits

  • Capacity Building and Remediation Support

  • Responsible Sourcing Practices and Governance

  • On-Going Engagement with all Stakeholders


Committed to sustainable progress through quality, innovation, and technology while fostering environmental and social compliance.

Conserve Energy and Reduce Water Use

Efforts to conserve energy span our supply chain and operations, in tandem with water-saving initiatives in collaboration with wet-processing mills.

Cut Waste & Supersede with Technology

We continue to expand on our use of 3D Design software’s to eliminate apparel sample waste and reduce shipping needs.

Create Awareness & Engagement

Assess a product’s environmental life-cycle impact for key styles to increase internal and external awareness of the full impact of our products.